Company Profile

FOUNDED IN 1947 by Leonard B. Bovee Sr., to meet the demands for housing following WWII,
BOVEE CONSTRUCTION developed a reputation for building superior, quality, single-family houses. By 1955, the company’s reputation for excellence, meticulous attention to detail, and a focused commitment to customer service, increased the demand for the company’s services in the upscale, custom home marketplace.

BOVEE CONSTRUCTION CONTINUED TO EXPAND AND DIVERSIFY. Currently in its third generation, L. B. Bovee and Son Construction continues to build custom homes, remodels, apartments, and commercial buildings while Leonard B. Bovee Jr. carries on the traditions and principles responsible for the company’s earlier and long time success. Likewise, most of our sub-contractors are second and third generation. We rely on their reputations to deliver the quality of workmanship and products our clients have come to expect.

WITH MORE THAN FORTY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in the industry, Len Bovee Jr. continues to act as his own superintendent. His physical presence at each site insures personal knowledge regarding all aspects of the project, close contact with the owners, and a level of communication not ordinarily associated with building crews. Our respect for client privacy and our absence of intrusiveness results in increased customer satisfaction.
Quick resolution of potential problem sources is a function of this high owner/contractor visibility.

KEEPING WITH THE TIMES Realizing that even companies founded upon “old time principles” need to keep current, L.B. Bovee and Son Construction uses the most up-to-date computerized technology for management of all phases of construction. Our software program, Master Builder conforms to standardized construction management, including A.I.A. Progress Billing, Change Orders, Progress Reports, universal numeric order of line items, tracking, billing, payroll, etc. Master Builder continually upgrades its performance functions, allowing L.B. Bovee and Son Construction to pass along updated services to our clients.

OUR WORK HAS RECEIVED INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION. ARCHITECTUAL RECORD, April 1991, featured on its cover, the Greenberg Estate (Brentwood, CA), by renowned architect, Ricardo Legoretta. Additional media notables include: HOUSE AND GARDEN, GLOBAL ARCHITECTURE NO. 33, and INTERIOR DESIGN.

WE AT L. B. BOVEE AND; SON CONSTRUCTION KNOW THAT “SEEING IS BELIEVING.” We also understand that a personal testimonial from satisfied customers
speaks to our professionalism louder than any other form of advertising. It is for this reason that we have included a list of former and current clients. Owners (with permission) and architects, brief descriptions and locations of the completed/current ventures are provided, followed by sample photographs of various projects, as well as sample billing procedures used by L.B. Bovee and Son Construction. Personal tours of some sites can be arranged if desired.